North Huddersfield Trust School

I recently delivered a diverse set of lessons to the tremendously diverse pupils at North Huddersfield Trust School. Stargazing in the evening and during the day we explored the solar system in 3D, talked black holes and I inspired their pupils with my module on Inspirational Women in Astronomy. With a high number of Pakistani Muslim pupils I was able to enthuse them with discussion about the Arabic origin of our numbers and the early astronomers of the Persian Empire.

A superb day. I’ll be back there in February.

Stargazing with Children’s University in Liverpool

Tuesday was another stargazing evening with the Children’s University. This was extremely well attended and went down a storm. I delivered a short, thrilling presentation entitled Sightseeing in Space before starting at a brilliantly clear sky over the Mersey. Loads of children and families were inspired.

Hopefully the seeds of a few young careers were sown.

Stargazing with Children’s University at Towneley Hall

This is a new blog I have launched to share my work and experiences in the field of astronomy. This opening post is about the stargazing evening I delivered last night at Towneley Hall, Burnley. I had no idea that the first weatherman was based at Towneley Hall and the Towneley family had a strong connection to the great Jeremiah Horrocks. You can read about this connection and also the work done with the first Astronomer Royal here.

Children’s University is such a great initiative and it is a privilege to work with them. I entertained and thrilled the families in attendance with my presentation entitled Hubble’s Greatest Hits and then deployed my telescopes and showed the children and parents the Orion Nebula, the Pleiades and also taught them a few tricks to observe using the naked eye.